Magnetic Field=Consciousness Field


Itami Hiroshi Project-1「Circulation Art」

Circulation Art Project

Circulation Art Project attempts to philosophically rearticulate the essence, the logic, and the laws behind the things that circulate within the various spheres of life, and develop that circulatory movement onto a far, higher order. In doing so, the Project becomes a kind of a system by way of which the participants recreate the correspondences among individual men, between men and nature, as well as those between men and the cosmos.

Having entered the 21st century, we now face the task of solving a heap of piled up problems. These problems have been a result of excessively advancing upon the vector of material progress and materialistic desires. This has brought about some, very mortal discrepancies in the relations between fellow human beings, as also in their relations to nature and the cosmos. It is time we reactivate the creative vector, that is to say, involve in pursuits of the mind, and regain the total balance with the vector of material progress. Only by doing that, we believe, the circulation among individual men and that between human beings, nature and cosmos would actually be performed. This, in other words, is a work to restore our original human-ness, a system that aims to make bloom the creative vector original to mankind.

We promote exchange between artists and individuals representing different professions. The reason for this is based on the idea that, perhaps, the most vital hints necessary to solve the problems facing mankind would be born out of the circulation of opinions among them. On every such occasion, the hints of as to what is currently necessary and demands to be done in order to solve those problems are taken up as subjects for artworks and messages are sent to the society, at large. The mediums used for expression vary from painting to video to performance, and so on. This is not a mere production of artworks that remain within the confines of institutional art, but a creative activity that opens up art extending it to the various fields of science, politics, economy, education, etc., in search of clues that would lead to the solutions of problems faced by mankind. We name this creative activity, “Circulation Art.”


It is not long before the thoughts expressed by way of art become a circulation that encompasses all genres, such as music, drama, dance, etc. extending onwards to thought and philosophy that mankind shares in common. We define “practice of Circulation Art” as an activity that circulates the energy of value-creation into what might be called a grand and distinctly human characteristic, which is the body-function of receiving and sending messages.